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What’s special about Lakewood Lutheran?

Evangelical Lutheran SynodEvangelical

We preach and teach that God extends an invitation to receive His forgiveness, cleansing, and life that lasts from this time to eternity. This invitation extends to all people, regardless of their history, background, social status, political affiliation, etc. Members of our church as well as guests and visitors are sinners who are naturally separated from God, but also unconditionally forgiven through Jesus Christ. We all receive this not by meeting any conditions or requirements, but by God’s grace, through faith in the message we preach and teach. This is the gospel, the “good news.” Our use of this message as the central activity of our church is what makes us “EVANGELICAL.”

LutheranLuther Rose

We worship in the tradition that Christians have used over the last 2,000 years. Our particular tradition is the western Christian rite, purified in the Reformation connected with Dr. Martin Luther. This approach helps to reliably deliver the gospel that we need so much, and keeps us focused on it. It also connects us to Christians of every time and place. The order of worship, or liturgy, contains God’s word, but also delivers the forgiveness of sins from the cross of Christ to the consciences joined in the service.


We invite those who would like to participate fully in our services (including the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion) to take a class in Christian faith and life with our pastor. Church members receive the ordinary pastoral care of God’s word and sacraments whenever possible. This includes regular weekly services, Bible studies, occasional home visits, and occasional services like weddings, baptisms, funerals, and individual absolution.

Pastor Jacobsen
Pastor Jacobsen

The pastor also provides extraordinary care when needed. This includes pastoral counseling based on God’s word and emergency services in times of crisis or illness. To be a member is to have two things:

  • a trained pastor, instructed and assigned by God to care for you;
  • a church community meant to support you in your life of faith and give you opportunities to serve your Savior.

Have you recently been a communicant member at a church that teaches as we do? You may ask our pastor whether the full instruction class would be needed before receiving Holy Communion in our services.


Mrs. Murray, School Principal
Mrs. Murray, School Principal

Lakewood Lutheran School has provided quality, Christ-centered education to students in the Lakewood community for over 50 years. Generations of former Lakewood Lutheran students are now serving God in other vocations: father and mothers, pastors and teachers, construction, public safety, and many more. We teach students that their daily calling — even as students — is service to God and neighbor. Our joy and satisfaction come from the certainty of God’s benevolent love and His promise of eternal life through the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ. We don’t focus on mistakes and problems, but on learning and solutions. By knowing Jesus as our Savior, and being known and loved by Him personally, we have the ability to love ourselves and others. We learn to support one another in healthy ways to achieve success, to receive love and show respect, to have fun, and exercise freedom with a good conscience.

Faith Growing Opportunities

Check the calendar for times and dates of these events:

Sunday- Divine Service
Sunday- Bible Study

Midweek Bible Study
Chapel Services

Morning Matins
Evening Vespers or Midweek Services


Bethany Seminary and College Commencement and Assignments

You can watch the livestream to see the service and find out who has been assigned as a new teacher at Lakewood Lutheran next year! Here are the details. The Bethany Seminary graduation and call service will be livestreamed Wednesday, May 9, at this link: The service will begin at 2 PM Pacific time.

Moderate Christianity?

In high school, I was in a class where we read certain pieces of literature. One that has stayed with me all these years is Enemy of the People by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen was a progressive-minded writer in the 1800’s, the same period when the play was set. The main character, Dr.…

Congregational Singing Practice

Update: Our next scheduled congregational singing practice will be Wednesday, April 12, at 5:00 PM. Our experience with music has changed over the centuries. Lutheran services have made heavy and constant use of music to beautify the service and support the preaching of the gospel and the response of the congregation. This kind of service…


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