• Need to Miss the Sacred Assembly for a While?

    When Christians are seeing things clearly, we know that the sacred assembly of believers on Sunday is one of the most important things that happens all week. God Himself gathers us there around His merciful and gracious presence to fill us with the substance of our faith so that we may deal with the week ahead. Oh, we can talk about God’s presence elsewhere, like on a mountain top or a primeval forest, but that’s not His merciful and gracious presence. One of the keen insights of Martin Luther is that if you want to find your Savior, you need to look for Him in the preaching or teaching of His Word and the administration of His sacraments. Outside of those, you will not find the Gospel.

    But sometimes we have to miss the sacred assembly for a little while. Soldiers are deployed. Professionals must take trips. Families need vacation time. But our spiritual needs continue. That’s why it’s such a blessing that our synod’s worship committee has put together the resource linked below. If you would like a hard copy to take with you this year, you may ask Pastor Jacobsen to have one printed for you at church.

    Worship While Away   Order of Service, Suggested Readings, and Hymns for Summer 2021

  • On Becoming an Advocate and Friend for an Abuse Survivor

    The Kingdom Workers is an organization of Lutheran men and women in the ELS and WELS synods, working together on many different projects.  These initiatives always serve the mission of the church and our neighbors, supporting the work of the Gospel. It is funded by donations from supporters, and provides opportunities for volunteer service, which can be in your own community or even around the world.

    A current initiative supports men and women who would like to support survivors of abuse. There are many (both men and women), they do need support, and Christians have an excellent opportunity to provide it. The text below comes from a recent Kingdom Workers e-mailing regarding this opportunity.


    Become an advocate, a friend,

    to a survivor of abuse.


    As an advocate, you will:


    • Work within your congregation to provide support and reassurance to survivors of abuse.
    • Be a shoulder to lean on, a friend who listens
    • Regularly check in with the survivor
    • And more.


    Interested but unsure if you have the proper training? Don’t worry. We’ll make sure you feel prepared. We provide several hours of training to individuals who want to serve in this way.

  • Update: Work on the Church Building

    The upstairs bathrooms are scheduled to be completed by next Sunday, God-willing. We are also working on the grounds to beautify things for spring and the installation. (See the announcement/invitation for the teamwork cleanup afternoon.) The 3rd thing we are working on for now is extending the ramp into the church to remove the drop off at the bottom end, and recover it with a new outdoor carpet material.

  • Teamwork Cleanup Afternoon on March 16

    We will have a teamwork afternoon for teens and others on Tuesday, March 16, roughly from 2-3:30pm. Anyone is welcome to join us. We plan to rake out the areas around the church as well as clean out around our new sign. We also have plants to add around the sign! If you have gloves and/or tools, bring them along.

  • From the ELS Military Monument Project

    March 29th is designated as Vietnam Veterans Day. It is set aside to honor the courage and sacrifices of our Vietnam Veterans and their families. It is also a part of the national effort to recognize the men and women who were denied a proper welcome upon their return home more than 40 years ago. It was a sad time in our nation’s history when American citizens were unable to separate their distaste for the war from the warriors they sent to fight. Thankfully this mindset no longer exists in America. Vietnam Veterans are gaining the respect that was not so freely given upon their return. March 29th was chosen for this special day as on this day in 1973 the last combat troops and combat support units were withdrawn from Vietnam and the last prisoners of war (to o ur knowledge) held in North Vietnam arrived on American soil. Special days such as this serve as a reminder to reflect on all of the brave men and women that have served, many of whom perished in battle, throughout our nation’s history.

    Please consider a generous (tax deductible) contribution to be matched dollar for dollar during this designated time period. (see the accompanying graphic) While not part of this match offer, we continue to encourage the honoring individual veterans with engraved pavers, benches and branch pillars to be part of the site. Ordering information is available on our website:

  • Streaming Services on YouTube

    We will begin streaming services on YouTube on February 28, 2021. Nothing too fancy. This is not a replacement for being present, but it’s definitely better than nothing for Church members who can’t make it on Sunday. YouTube will also archive the recordings.

    You can find them by clicking the YouTube icon in the header and footer of this website. See the picture below for guidance.

  • Synod President’s Newsletter
    As these are released, we’ll add to the list of links below.
    March 2021 This one introduces President Obenberger.
    February 2021 This is the last one sent by President +John Moldstad+.
  • Social Connections for Conservative Lutheran Singles

    Here is an announcement from Philip Wels for singles who may be connected with our church. When being single is part of your godly vocation, it can sometimes be difficult to find like-minded singles with whom to socialize. This may help, especially when socialization has become “virtual” for most people anyway.

    Lutheran Singles Online is a place to meet other single Lutherans (especially ELS & WELS Lutherans.) Geared more toward one-on-one and long term relationships, this site provides a way to connect with others through profile pages and messages.

  • Evergreen Lutheran High School Auction 2021
    Please join us in support of Christian Education Saturday, April 17th to raise money to support our students at Evergreen Lutheran High School.  
    Ways to support Evergreen Lutheran High School and the auction: 
    • Attend:  This year everyone can attend our Virtual Online auction free of charge.    Once the auction site is live we will share it with you and on our facebook event.
    • Donate: Monetary and item donations are needed to make this event a success.  We would love to support your local businesses, so if there is a way to represent your company, please let us know.
    • Share:  Share our facebook event, and invite your friends, relatives, and neighbors.  Auctions are fun and it’s a great cause that we are supporting–your children and their education!
    • Prayers: Please pray for Evergreen Lutheran High School, and our event to continue our mission to providing a quality, Christ centered education which prepares God’s children to serve him now and forever.
    Thank you for being our partner in providing a quality, Christ-centered education to teens in the Pacific Northwest! 
    Donor Form & 2021 Procurement Letter are on the PLC narthex table. Please contact the school or church office if you want one emailed to you.
    If you have any questions please contact Ryan Bishop at, or Ryan Schmeling at 715-220-1442,  
    Here is the link to the ELHS Event page for the Auction: Facebook
  • CareNet Webinar

    CareNet of Puget Sound is a life-affirming pregnancy resource center with a site close by in Lakewood. The members of Lakewood Lutheran Church have been invited to learn about it in a free webinar on March 13 from 6-7 PM.  Find out more at the CareNet website.