• Sermon Archive Locations

    Until June, 2022, we had been linking sermons from this website to YouTube. We may begin to do that again as time permits. But the more direct way to find the video recordings of our sermons and services is through YouTube itself. The YouTube icon link at the top of our website will take you directly to our channel. The Facebook icon link takes you to our Facebook page, where you may also find recent service recordings.

  • Divine Service now at 10:30 AM year round, Bible study at 9:45.

    In the summer of 2022, our service times shifted to 10 AM, with no Bible class. Prior to that, we had been starting at 10:45 AM, with Bible class starting at 10. The later time was a continuation from when Lakewood Lutheran shared a pastor with Our Redeemer in Yelm, and in the pastoral vacancy that followed.

    After Labor Day in 2022, we now intend that our service time will remain at 10:30 AM throughout the year. Our limited research shows that families with children tend to appreciate a little time in the morning before church. This especially applies in the Pacific Northwest, where the most convenient times for families seem to be between 9 AM and 11 AM. But at the same time, those families tend to appreciate when a service doesn’t go too late in the morning. Again, it seems than PNW families find convienient times about an hour later than those elsewhere. Those who haven’t taken the survey may do so here.

    Bible study begins at 9:45 AM sharp. Those who would like to share coffee, treats, and conversation before Bible study are encouraged to come at 9:30.

  • 2022 Mission Rally

    Who  Circuit 12 (ELS churches in Oregon and Washington)

    What  The annual Rally organized by the Women’s Missionary Society Pacific Northwest Region to determine (by vote)  the mission recipients of the  funds accumulated for the past two years.   And to share a Friday dinner and Saturday continental breakfast, lunch, and bag meal to go.

    Fee:   $10.00 …Women,    Pastors and guests…Free

    Where: To be held at Our Savior Lutheran Church – 230 Buysman Way,  Grants Pass, OR

    Friday – September 23     6:00 PM
    Saturday – September 24   8:00 AM
    Registration:  By September 1

    • Registrar:  Linda Reis
    • Registration DEADLINE: September 1, 2022.
    • Please specify: Attending Friday, Saturday, or both.

    Why: To meet and hear from two guest speakers Friday and Saturday:

    •       Reverend Thomas Heyn – Administrator for World Outreach
    •       Reverend Brad Kerkow – Administrator for Home Missions

    To elect new officers for the Women’s Missionary Society Pacific Northwest Region:
    President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

    Contact information has been sent by email to our church mailing lists.

  • Mrs. Erika Hendricks called to teach at Lakewood Lutheran (accepted)

    The divine call extended to Mrs. Hendricks followed a different procedure than the others we extended this year. She just graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College with a degree that prepared her for teaching at a school like ours. But calls to graduates from WLC use a process that is not made public practically up to the time the call is accepted. So it was not possible to announce the process on our website, but we are happy to announce that Mrs. Hendricks has accepted the call, and is already serving in our summer programs while preparing to teach Pre-K and Kindergarten in the coming school year, as well as PE for the whole school. May God bless Mrs. Hendricks and all her students as we continue preparing for the coming school year.

  • (Updated) Mrs. Stephanie Van Loton called as teacher for 5th and up

    Update: Mrs. Van Loton returned the call, expressing her encouragement that Lakewood Lutheran has many great blessings from God, and that He is surely caring for our school as we anticipate the next school year.  At this point, the call window has closed for obtaining a list of teachers currently serving in other schools. We will submit a request for a teacher candidate from Martin Luther College. But there are similar needs at many congregations. If God does not provide a candidate for us, necessity will constrain us to make some compromises to continue offering high quality education in a way that fulfills the needs of our teachers and the mission of our church.

    Mrs. Van Loton currently serves at Peace Lutheran (WELS) in Livonia, Michigan. She and her husband, Steven, have two daughters. One is in high school and the other just started college. We pray for God’s blessing on her deliberation of this call.

  • Mrs. Terri Elder called as 5th-8th grade teacher for 2022-2023 (Returned)

    The church council in its capacity as the board of education for Lakewood Lutheran Church, met Wednesday, March 16, and extended a divine call to Mrs. Terri Elder. If she accepts this call, Mrs. Elder will teach the 5th through 8th grade classroom at Lakewood Lutheran School next year, and also serve as our director of athletics. She is currently teaching at Michigan Lutheran High School in St. Joseph, Michigan. This is a school similar to Evergreen Lutheran High School here in Tacoma. Mrs. Elder and her husband Benjamin have three children, ages 11, 9, and 4. We pray for her deliberation as she considers where she might best serve our Lord and His Church. “Gracious Lord Jesus, You have sent your Spirit to guard and keep your Church through Your Word. bless Mrs. Elder and her family as she weighs the opportunity you have presented for her to serve at Lakewood Lutheran. Bless our school and Michigan Lutheran High School as we make preparations for the coming school year.  We trust that You will provide, for You live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one true God, now and forever. Amen.”

    Update: Mrs. Elder returned the call to Lakewood Lutheran on March 31, 2020. She is thankful for the opportunity to get to know our congregation and school, but has concluded that her work in Michigan is not yet finished. We pray for God’s blessing on her continuing work there, and that ask that He would provide what our school needs for the next school year.

  • LYA 2022
    LYA will be happening in 2022!
    Here is some preliminary info to forward onto your youth (promotional materials will be out in early Feb.):
    LYA 2022, “Out of Zion” 
    July 28-31 
    Held at Dixie State University (Utah Tech University), St. George, Utah
    (We will be making a trip to Zion National Park during the convention)
    Cost: $200
    (The Board for Youth Outreach has slashed the price in order to encourage as many to attend as possible! Cost would otherwise be around a hundred dollars more!)
    Registration will be opening Tuesday, February 8.
    Who can come?
    Open to confirmed youth (exceptions can be made for groups bringing those in confirmation).

    What about youth who missed out in 2020 & 2021?  They can attend as either a youth or youth leader based on your church’s circumstances.  Every church needs to send at least one youth leader/chaperone of the same gender as the students (consider paying their way as a church).  If your church is unable to send a youth leader/chaperone, consider partnering with another congregation.

  • Christianity 101 Wednesdays at 3:45-5:15 PM

    We have another opportunity for those who are less familiar with the beliefs and practices of Lakewood Lutheran Church and School to learn more! A class that covers this introduction is often called “Christianity 101,” but it’s not just a matter of studying information. Living a Christian life is just as much about what we do as what we believe. This class teaches the practice of receiving God’s spiritual gifts and applying them in our lives.  It is organized around Martin Luther’s Small Catechism that our students learn, so sometimes we call this “catechesis.”

    Pastor Jacobsen is starting a brand-new weekly “Christianity 101” series on Wednesday, January 19, meeting from 3:45-5:15. All are welcome. Our purpose is to be led by God through His Word to a strong, active, and joyful faith in Jesus Christ. There are 24 lessons, but rather than rushing through, we will encourage and support interactive participation, putting what we learn into action. Current Lakewood Lutheran members may also attend to support and refresh their own active faith.

  • Pastor Jacobsen is holding a divine call to Immanuel, Salem as school principal

    Pastor Jacobsen received a divine call this week to Immanuel Lutheran Church and School (WELS) in Salem, Oregon. The call is to serve as Principal, teaching the upper classroom (6th–8th) in the next school year. The church also has a vacancy in its 1st and 2nd grade classroom. He will deliberate this call for at least the next two weeks, and would appreciate your prayers and counsel. Especially helpful would be your ideas about the needs of Lakewood Lutheran, the work needed to achieve our goals, or how the Jacobsens might uniquely fit into that work. You may use the contact information on the service folder to reach him.

    UPDATE: Pastor Jacobsen announced that he returned the call on Sunday, January 16. He thanks all who have prayed for God’s blessings on his deliberation.

  • Lakewood Lutheran Church Celebrates 75 Years

    Seventy-five years ago on November 27, 28, and 29 services were held in Lakewood by missionaries representing the Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Those gatherings grew into Lakewood Lutheran Church. We will celebrate God’s blessings over that time on Sunday, November 28, with a service at 3 PM using the forward-looking theme, “Thy Word Shall Fortify us Hence.” ELS President Glenn Obenberger will preach the sermon highlighting 75 years of teaching “children” to speak the praises of God. Friends of the congregation are encouraged to attend either in person or online. The livestream link will be published on the church’s Facebook page, or may be found at the YouTube channel when the service begins. In-person guests are invited to a catered dinner after the service, to be held in the church basement.