Holy Absolution

Holy Absolution is offered for those whose conscience is bothered by the weight of sin. Martin Luther said, “When I urge you to go to confession, I am simply urging you to be a Christian.”  The declaration of God’s forgiveness is made publicly in our services or, should it be desired, in private, before the pastor.

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling is offered for the care of individuals and families as they face their problems, burdens, fears, and illnesses. More than good advice is shared since the pastor assists them to find help and healing from the Word of God. God’s love in Christ for sinners is at the heart of this ministry.

For Those Who Serve

Military and law enforcement service are special vocations that can bring their own internal challenges to a person’s life. The Christian faith provides the centered spiritual foundation for meeting and overcoming these challenges. Those who would like someone to talk to confidentially are encouraged to contact our pastor. His vocation from God is to deliver the certainty of God’s cleansing forgiveness to your conscience, based upon the solid reliability of God’s own promises. Lutherans have long appreciated military or law enforcement service as divine callings. As an example, you might wish to read Dr. Martin Luther’s booklet written especially for Christian soldiers.

ELH Cross showing the Keys