Welcome to Lakewood Lutheran Church!

Mission Statement

The purpose of Lakewood Lutheran Church and School is to use the Gospel for the people of the congregation and community, that they may know God eternally through Christ and respond to His forgiving love with lives of Christian devotion.

Services that our Church Provides

As our mission statement says, the mission of our church is the use of the gospel. This use centers in the worship and preaching you will find in our Sunday morning services and the sacraments or “visible word” of Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and even the pronouncement of Absolution.

Supporting this, we have classes and meetings  of various kinds.

  • Catechesis (introduction to the historic Christian faith in the Lutheran tradition) for adults and for children as preparation for receiving holy communion.
  • Additional weekday services during special seasons of the year, notably Advent (before Christmas) and Lent (before Easter).
  • Ongoing Bible study for the continued strengthening and spiritual growth of adults and youth.
  • Application groups for putting our faith into practice together.
  • General education for children centered on Christ at Lakewood Lutheran School.

Beyond the weekly services and classes, there are special occasions in a person’s lifetime when our church serves its members. These services are provided for those who are on the roster of members at Lakewood Lutheran Church. In certain circumstances, they might be offered also to people who have not become members of the church, as long as the purpose aligns with the mission of the church and is done to the glory of God.

  • Christian weddings celebrating God’s gift of marriage as a part of his good creation.
  • Baptism of children, providing them with the God’s adoption promise through Jesus Christ.
  • Confirmation, recognizing the effort of preparing to be a communicant in the church.
  • Christian memorial, funeral, and burial: celebrating the life of faith in Jesus Christ with the comforting assurance of our bodily resurrection and the eternal glory to follow.

Lakewood Lutheran is blessed with facilities and our Christian elementary school at the corner of 112th and Farwest in Lakewood, but it is really the group of Christians who gather around God’s word and sacraments regularly. Our pastor’s role is to provide that word and sacraments. The congregants receive these blessings of God regularly. Together, we show God’s love for one another and our community with lives of Christian devotion.

To Visit or inquire about Membership

Visitors are welcome to attend our services each week. See the schedule elsewhere on this website. Those who belong to a sister congregation are welcome to receive holy communion with us ­—just talk to the pastor before the service so he can make the arrangements. If you are new to the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, we will probably require you to complete our Catechesis class with the pastor before approaching the altar for holy communion in our services. If you are not sure, please ask our pastor. This practice of “closed communion” has been followed by Christians from the first century after Christ, and helps to preserve the integrity of the Bible’s teaching among us while protecting our guests from receiving communion unprepared.

Those who complete a Catechesis course and confess unity in faith with us are called “communicant members” of the congregation. There is no higher connection with God in our midst than this, which is available for all penitent Christians regardless of race, sex, or economic circumstances.