Objective Personal Virtues

Objective personal virtues are not limited to Christians. They can be appreciated both through the lens of the Bible and through natural law. Natural law is the understanding of God’s order in Creation that a thoughtful person can discern with reason and observation. Natural law is behind the work of governments, for example. The more closely a government implements the principles of natural law, the more just and effective it will be, and its nation will be happier and more secure. Natural law is a divine blessing even for those who do not receive God’s word.

This list of objective personal virtues is a work in progress. See the Bible for more, especially the book of Proverbs. Your comments are encouraged.

  • A wise person sees that not every easy or pleasant way is the best way.
  • Principled people admit that this is also true of themselves.
  • A courageous person chooses the best way even when it is not pleasant or easy.
  • A person of integrity does this even when nobody else seems to notice.
  • A patient person continues in the best way even when it does not become easier or more pleasant, and when it seems that there is no end in sight.
  • A prudent person remembers that the best way is found not only by considering what a person does, but also in how and why the thing is done.