Summer Enrichment

Are you concerned your child will backtrack on the progress they’ve made this school year?
The Lakewood Lutheran Summer Enrichment Program is designed to provide children with an exciting but stimulating atmosphere for their summer days. Summer is a time to relax and recuperate but that doesn’t mean they should forget everything they just learned in school! While students will be given the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and participate in extracurricular activities, there will be periods of the day for them to grow academically in areas such as Bible History, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts (which includes reading, writing, grammar, spelling, handwriting, etc). Continue to build on your child’s academic foundation this summer at Lakewood Lutheran School!

Do you want your child to enjoy their summer inside and out?
Not only will students in the Summer Enrichment Program have time for free play, they will also be encouraged to participate in organized sports activities such as basketball, soccer, bowling, kickball, and obstacle course activities. Indoors students will embrace their creativity with a variety of arts and crafts.

Summer Enrichment Rates and Schedule

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