We have come to know and to believe
the love that God has for us.
1 John 4:16

Wish Care

Your wish has been granted, care.

Wish Care is set up to cater to parents of part-time students enrolled at Lakewood Lutheran School.

According to state regulation, Preschool and Pre-K students may only be on our property for 4 hours a day.  This limits the potential for all day care unless we were to become licensed through the state as a daycare center.  With this in mind, we wanted to adapt our program to better fulfill our parents’ needs within the state’s restrictions.

Therefore, normal before care rates of $2.00 per fifteen minute interval applies if your child is brought to school before 8:45 am.  (If you use before school care, wish care will not be available on the same day unless you were to keep to the four hour total maximum time limit.)

If you would like to use wish care you will be billed monthly at a daily rate of $5.00.  This $5.00 rate will be for one minute or one hour with the latest pick-up time being 1:00 pm.  Your child will remain in school uniform and bring a sack lunch.  Please notify your child’s teacher by the start of class that day to use this care.