Divine Service now at 10:30 AM year round, Bible study at 9:45.

In the summer of 2022, our service times shifted to 10 AM, with no Bible class. Prior to that, we had been starting at 10:45 AM, with Bible class starting at 10. The later time was a continuation from when Lakewood Lutheran shared a pastor with Our Redeemer in Yelm, and in the pastoral vacancy that followed.

After Labor Day in 2022, we now intend that our service time will remain at 10:30 AM throughout the year. Our limited research shows that families with children tend to appreciate a little time in the morning before church. This especially applies in the Pacific Northwest, where the most convenient times for families seem to be between 9 AM and 11 AM. But at the same time, those families tend to appreciate when a service doesn’t go too late in the morning. Again, it seems than PNW families find convienient times about an hour later than those elsewhere. Those who haven’t taken the survey may do so here.

Bible study begins at 9:45 AM sharp. Those who would like to share coffee, treats, and conversation before Bible study are encouraged to come at 9:30.