How to Find and Join our Services on YouTube

Your Options:

  1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Then when you are logged in have YouTube up, you will see when we are streaming. If you are on an unusual device, read below.
  2. Members at Lakewood Lutheran — use the link sent out by email before each service. It takes you directly to the streaming video.
  3. Join us later using recorded video or audio. The best experience may be right here at

Some Background:

Our services are streamed on YouTube. It is possible to view them on a mobile device, a desktop or laptop computer, and a streaming device that works with a television. Anything that can reach YouTube can connect with our streamed services.

Shortly before the Sunday service, a link to the stream is sent to the church membership by email. If you are not yet a member, you can become a catechumen (a student of biblical teaching) and receive our weekly emails with our other catechumens and communicant members. This will involve attending a weekly class for catechumens.

You do not need the weekly email link if you subscribe to our YouTube channel. You may have success with the direct link given above. But if not, open YouTube on your device and search for something like “Lakewood Lutheran Church Divine Service”. The resulting list will probably contain a number of videos, but should also contain a line that looks something like what you see below. Click the red Subscribe button, and YouTube will alert you when we are streaming live. Our services begin at 10:45 AM each Sunday.

Pro Tip:

There is another email that is sent on Wedesday to our members, the Midweek Update. This contains a digital copy of the service folder for the coming Sunday. For the best online worship experience, it is recommended to save this attachment and read along there as the service progresses. If you prefer to read along with the sermon as well, a manuscript is usually provided along with the live-stream link sent out Sunday morning.