(Updated) Mrs. Stephanie Van Loton called as teacher for 5th and up

Update: Mrs. Van Loton returned the call, expressing her encouragement that Lakewood Lutheran has many great blessings from God, and that He is surely caring for our school as we anticipate the next school year.  At this point, the call window has closed for obtaining a list of teachers currently serving in other schools. We will submit a request for a teacher candidate from Martin Luther College. But there are similar needs at many congregations. If God does not provide a candidate for us, necessity will constrain us to make some compromises to continue offering high quality education in a way that fulfills the needs of our teachers and the mission of our church.

Mrs. Van Loton currently serves at Peace Lutheran (WELS) in Livonia, Michigan. She and her husband, Steven, have two daughters. One is in high school and the other just started college. We pray for God’s blessing on her deliberation of this call.