Need to Miss the Sacred Assembly for a While?

When Christians are seeing things clearly, we know that the sacred assembly of believers on Sunday is one of the most important things that happens all week. God Himself gathers us there around His merciful and gracious presence to fill us with the substance of our faith so that we may deal with the week ahead. Oh, we can talk about God’s presence elsewhere, like on a mountain top or a primeval forest, but that’s not His merciful and gracious presence. One of the keen insights of Martin Luther is that if you want to find your Savior, you need to look for Him in the preaching or teaching of His Word and the administration of His sacraments. Outside of those, you will not find the Gospel.

But sometimes we have to miss the sacred assembly for a little while. Soldiers are deployed. Professionals must take trips. Families need vacation time. But our spiritual needs continue. That’s why it’s such a blessing that our synod’s worship committee has put together the resource linked below. If you would like a hard copy to take with you this year, you may ask Pastor Jacobsen to have one printed for you at church.

Worship While Away   Order of Service, Suggested Readings, and Hymns for Summer 2021