Special Year-end ELS Offering

Our delegates and pastors at 2019 convention set a base budget of $760,000 for gifts from congregations to our ELS missions and ministries for 2020. In addition, the convention earmarked all gifts over this amount to help provide funding to the Board for Lutheran Schools. $790,000 is our total goal for congregational offerings.
Please note the envelope provided for this special offering in your membership box to the ELS and its missions. Write the check to our church and please include your envelope number and place it in the collection plate today or over the next couple of weeks. As you do, please consider that our Lord’s grace extends to us so we are able to “overflow in every good work” 2 Cor. 9:8. May our gift be in accord with our Lord’s abundant blessings to us.
Rev. Daniel A. Basel, Giving Counselor
Evangelical Lutheran Synod and Foundation